Snap build fails to find required plugin

Multipass VM uses minimal, headless configuration thus GUI is not available.

The Snapcraft Build Service provide builds for armhf/arm64 and other exotic platforms.

In addition there’s the option to run snapcraft remote-build if you follow the instructions detailed at Preview: Snapcraft remote build

This will build on a server in the Canonical datacentre for whichever architectures you specify.


OK … well have a stab at it. Prolly after Fosstalk today though :wink:

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You also might consider LXD for container builds. @Lin-Buo-Ren 's snapcraft.yaml worked for me using snap versions of lxd and snapcraft. I prefer LXD builds – snapcraft --use-lxd – (similar to docker and support offered in snapcraft as a tech preview – never had an issue, tho) over multipass because it’s lighter weight. LXD is likely what you want if you prefer the docker model for whatever reason. I use LXD extensively in my normal development and especially for apt/ppa/snapcraft packaging testing.

Good to know. Thanks!