Snap-bug, an ubuntu-bug -like reporting tool for snaps

I don’t know if it was proposed in the past, but I was thinking to a snap bug reporting tool.
At the moment reporting a bug for a snap is quite tedious, as it’s not always clear if a bug pertains to snapd, the software packaging or the software itself. Also, some software at the moment on the snap store is packaged by Snapcrafters and hence is likely not maintained by the actual software authors.

I’m thinking to a command line bug reporting tool, eventually snap-bug $package, which collects some useful logs, like apport denials for that specific snap, and other files eventually defined by the packager. All the information gathered would then be sent to the provided maintainer email.

Eventually, in following phases, the system could be smart enough to point at some common issues with snap packaging or figure some bad configuration from apport logs.

As a plus, for even further phases, it could allow some configuration on the snap side to enable sending the provided information to the project site hosting (e.g. GitHub, Lunchpad, GitLab) to create a new (possibly private) issue/bug report).

While the initial part would be quite easy to implement as a third party snap, the following parts would need some snap configuration to describe which information to gather and some configuration to send the issue to project hosting sites.