Slack (3.3.8) does not support cedilla (for portuguese)


I don’t know if this is the best place to post this error, but since I have seen this error on some other snap applications, so…

My Slack desktop app does not support cedilla (ç) as I am writing in portuguese. When I try to type ' + C it turns into ć. I am using English international keyboard layout.

Thanks for your attention.

does +c turn into ç outside of snaps? On all the devices I have here, in the English International keyboard layout, AltGr+ is ‘dead acute’, which when followed by c is ć; AltGr+, is ç.

Yes. All of the other non-snap applications accept this combination on a Brazilian Portuguese system. I didn’t know the existence the AltGr+, . But even being logical, I think this is very unusual for Brazilian users.

It just happens with the snap version of slack. I changed it to the .deb version and It’s working as expected