Skanlite snap version doesn't include luminosity/contrast sliders

Hi, I do not understand howto install Skanlite version that offers luminosity/contrast sliders in main UI window.


I wanted to install Snapcraft as I seen in Ubuntu software and skanlite page screenshots that there is a luminosity/contrast slider:

Capture d’écran de 2022-02-16 12-03-40


When installing from snap (snap install skanlite --edge), those sliders are not present. The version of the current snap is (/snap/skanlite/current/usr/bin/skanlite --version)

Manually browsing git repo (cloned from I can’t find any occurence of “luminosity” nor “contrast” words in source code / translations files. I looked in all branches (master, and release/21.12). I can’t find any commit that seems to be related to this neither.

Did I missed something ? Does anybody knows why the distributed version is “so different” from those screenshots ? Maybe the screenshots comes from a fork somewhere ? I didn’t found any.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !


I’ve been having the exact same issue and I’m at a loss. Hope someone here knows what’s going on because at this point I just continued with other tasks I have to do.

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No updates here sighs :grin:

the page linked in the first post has a contact link that points to a bugtracker …

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