Simplenote version


Isn’t too old? Snap version seems to be 1.0.1 (from far 2016) while I can download from website 1.3.3 today (dec 2018)


alan@hal:~$ snap find simplenote
Name                     Version  Publisher     Notes  Summary
simplenote-jamiebennett  1.0.1    jamiebennett  -      The simplest way to keep notes. Install with --devmode.
simplenote               1.3.2    snapcrafters  -      The simplest way to keep notes.

Looks like you have simplenote-jamiebennett installed, which hasn’t been updated. You probably want to switch to simplenote - and perhaps @JamieBennett may want to un-publish his :slight_smile:

1.3.3 will landed in the simplenote snap very shortly - possibly by the time you read this.



It was part of a snap tutorial I published but happy to retire it.


Thanks everyone guys! :slight_smile: