Show screenshots on the web store?

Polarr’s Snap is on the Snapcraft web store at I’ve uploaded screenshots, and those screenshots show up in the Ubuntu Software Store, but they don’t show up on the Snapcraft web store. When we tell people how to install our app, we link them to our page in the Snapcraft store. It would be helpful if our screenshots also showed up on the web store.


Tagging in @mpt and @nottrobin and who handle design and impl. of those pages. I believe that’s in the plan just hasn’t been realized yet.

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Yes we will be adding screenshots to the snap details pages on, we are just working out the design details. @carlaberkers may know some rough timelines for when it might be released.

Yes indeed it is in the plan, we are currently discussing the limitations in this thread

Once we reach a conclusion there we will build this in the short term.

Thanks Carl, look forward to seeing this enhancement. We have video that we’ll add when mp4/YouTube is supported. I see there’s a suggestion from @robert.ancell to support .avi files. Our marketing people write the copy and produce the assets for our store page and I don’t know what would happen if I asked them to transcode the video from mp4 to avi. I could ffmpeg the video this one time, but we update our promotional video as we update our product and I can’t transcode the video every time we release new marketing material. It would be convenient if mp4 was an allowed upload type either by playing it directly or by automatically ffmpeging the video on the server.

@dmiller309 I just used .avi as an example, the exact supported formats would need to be defined.

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We don’t want to get into handling video directly in the store at this time and suggest we allow for a video URL (youtube or other).