Should `snap find` also search in the snap apps?

While doing bug triage I noticed that snap find snap-review' does not yield any hits. The snap-review` command is provided by the review-tools snap. Unfortunately it does not include the string “snap-review” in the description. This made me wonder if we should be default show snaps when the search string matches provided command, in my example:

name: review-tools
    command: command-snap-review.wrapper

snap find snap-review would show review-tools.


From my perspective, the snap find results are already a tad noisy and don’t seem to make sense. For example:

$ snap find nextcloud
Name                   Version           Publisher         Notes  Summary
carnet                 0.9.0             alexandre-roux-m  -      Powerful note taking app with sync, online editor and android app
solr                   0.1               rmescandon        -      Starts up solr as forking daemon
mdns-hostname          0.0.1             welike            -      mDNS mini-daemon to published hostname.local

Those don’t have anything to do with Nextcloud to the length of my knowledge, and it’s not clear from the results why they’re considered a match to my query. I suspect it’s matching the description, but I feel like matching app names will add to the noise (i.e. provide more unclear matches than are already provided). I like the general idea, though-- what if snap find simply grew more options to limit the search to specific metadata, including app names? Then snap find --apps snap-review would only return snaps with apps matching “snap-review”, for example.

FYI, per @mvo’s request, I updated the description in the review-tools store and snap.yaml descriptions to mention ‘snap-review’ so it can be found without matching by command.

Note we have some work coming this cycle to improve search results and can consider the request from @mvo when we plan that work.