Shortcomings of current snapd API

This is a list of potential shortcomings in the current snapd API, that should be evaluated for fixing in a compatible way, or for when we have strong-enough reasons to fork a new major incompatible revision of the API:

  • Local snaps don’t serve screenshots
  • Channel map assumes the client implements the logic for fallback to open channels
  • Developer and Publisher have a different payload format
  • The store changed the way media is conveyed in the API, by having open-ended media “types” in a list of media URLs, instead of a screenshots-specific field. Whatever the client does now will become inconsistent and needs to be fixed by obsolescence of the old approach.

This was created during a call with @pedronis and @chipaca today. It’s not clear how or whether these need to be addressed, but we want to keep track and consider fixing some of those.

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