Share snaps between snap store proxies

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Not sure if it is possible that I am trying to allow the device to use the store account A to download and install the snaps in store B. I set up 2 snap store proxies. They are using the same domain name. After I switched the client device from store proxy A to proxy B, I can still refresh snaps in account A. The client device is still using the CA cert from proxy A. Both proxies are registered with different store IDs and in approved state. Is this expected? Is there a way to share(read-only) snaps between 2 stores?

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I moved this to the #store category where it should get more visibility by the relevant people

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It seems if the snaps are public, switching to proxy B can still show the snap from the refresh command but if the snaps are private, the private snaps will not show up. Also interesting that I cannot find my public snaps from the Canonical snap store.

This is a good idea :slight_smile:Snap store federation