Setting "publisher" in a locally created snap


I use snapcraft to create a local snap of lxd. When I run snap info lxd, the publisher field is empty:

name:      lxd
summary:   LXD - the container lightervisor
publisher: –
license:   unset
description: |

Is it possible to set the publisher without submitting the snap to the store?


Published implies it’s released to a channel in the store. So unless you got it from the store, I don’t think snap info will show that, no.

Also, there can only be one publisher on the store for a particular snap name. If you wanted to publish an alternative version of LXD, it would need a different name.

@popey @jamesh Thanks for you responses!

Ok, that means, the “publisher” field has to stay empty.

There is also a “notes” column when doing a snap list:

Name         Version                  Rev    Tracking       Publisher   Notes
lxd          4.0.3                    x1     -              -           -

Is it possible to change this in a custom built snap?

The notes column indicates whether the snap is classic, base, core or snapd type of snap. As your lxd snap is none of those, it just shows a - - just like the published lxd in the store.

lxd                        4.6                          17629  latest/stable    canonical✓      -

… also kernel, gadget (bootloader), if you are on an Ubuntu Core system …