Set up auto-alias for gofmt in go snap


I’d like to request that the gofmt alias in the go snap be automatically set up please.


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I guess you are referring to

I have no objections for this alias. It seems very natural for this snap.

Yes. (what is the best way to refer to a snap in a request such as this?)

As a store reviewer, the above link is perfection, however the snap name and publisher as you might see in ‘snap list’ is enough.

Following Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks, a week has passed so performing a tally.

1 vote for
0 votes against
0 votes abstain

There are not enough votes cast to approve/disprove the action. Extending the voting period 3 days through May 8. Directly pinging a few store reviewers: @evan, @JamieBennett, @Wimpress, @tyhicks can you vote on whether to allow or deny this auto-alias?

I’m voting for the alias to be automatically set up.

Yes, that sounds like a very natural one and unlike to conflict.

The extension has expired. Performing the tally:

3 votes for
0 votes against
0 votes abstain

Auto-alias is now granted and live in the store.

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