Self-contradictory update policy?


I’m currently struggling with snapcraft’s policy of updating snaps.

On one hand, snapd rigorously enforces to continuously refresh packages (yeah, I’m familiar with the configuration options), default interval every four hours, on the other hand no one really seems to care to keep the snap packages themselves up to date.

Currently I came accross the kdenlive snap. Considering to replace the AppImages available from with snap.

But kdenlive’s snaps are between 5 months and 3 years old.

Furthermore, there’s no clue about who’s the author, whom to contact to issue hints, bug reports, etc. It just says ‘KDE’.

In contradiction, the kdenlive team themselves states on [see link above, forum keeps me from putting more than two links in a post] (german language) that there is no snap, while on the english one they refer to the snap.

Isn’t it self-contradictory to on one hand put users into hourly updates, possible causing traffic of GBs per day for security reasons, while letting snaps silently age this way on the other hand and having years-old-stuff in the store?


The Snap Store is a pipeline delivering software from developers to users. It’s up to the publishers of those snaps to choose to keep their application up to date in the store. There may be technical or resource issues with updating the software. “We” as store hosts, don’t mandate that software must be updated by developers. We recommend it, and provide the means to make it possible to do - e.g. via launchpad build system, travis or other CI systems. It’s up to the developer to decide how and when to update. If it’s an open source application such as KDENlive, perhaps they need some help, maybe you could offer to assist them, if they do?