Seeking owner for matterhorn snap

Matterhorn is a command line Mattermost chat client. I built the matterhorn snap back when I worked at Canonical, where we use Mattermost. I no longer use Mattermost, so am not using matterhorn at all. So I don’t think I’m best placed to own the snap. If someone else (preferably someone who uses matterhorn/Mattermost) would like to take it on, that would be great.

It only has about 200 weekly active users (probably many of those are Canonical employees). The upstream project isn’t super active, but does get some updates here and there.


:frowning: If nobody wants to take it on, I’ll just archive the repo and unlist the snap for now.

What do you think about showing a message when the snap starts up stating it is archived and inviting users to take over maintenance?

I don’t like punching users in the face for something which is a developer ask. I’m fine if it was recommending they switch to a different, well maintained snap (as we did with other snaps like irccloud). But to ask for them to maintain it, doesn’t sit right for me. I’ve made the snap unlisted and archived the git repo. If someone else wants to pick it up, it can be transferred and someone can fork the repo.

I have relayed the question to see if anyone is interested.

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Since no one else volunteered, I guess I could take a stab at it. I do use the snap, so I have an interest in keeping it maintained.

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I’m happy to help here, I’ve also some MRs waiting for it, so happy to take it.


Thanks Marco. I have set you as a collaborator on the snap. @roadmr please can the matterhorn snap be transferred to Marco?

I still don’t see it in my snaps list, what is it needed?

@roadmr or someone else @noise on the store team can do it.

Sorry for the delay. @Trevinho all yours!

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