Samba Permissions (Specifically GIMP)


I run a Video Production and Graphic Design company and Ubuntu is the main OS. I store all files on a Synology NAS that’s being shared to my Ubuntu machines via a Samba share.

The big issue I’m running into is trying to open GIMP projects off of the NAS and saving them after modifying the files. I also can’t navigate to the Samba share within GIMP tho I can open GIMP files by double clicking to open. Basically permissions within the GIMP Snap don’t allow me to modify files from external sources(local stored files work fine)… and in the Ubuntu Software center I have changed the permissions to “Read/write files on removable storage devices”.

This is the error message I get…

Screenshot from 2021-11-26 13-57-27

I installed the standard Ubuntu Focal Universe/.deb version and I don’t have the same issue at all. It opens and saves GIMP files fine off the share!

I don’t hate Snaps, in fact I prefer them and I hope they open up a bunch more software support for Linux… but obviously I can’t use the Snap if I can’t fix this.

What can I do?

P.S. I’m not a terminal ninja. GUI fix is far preferred.