Running a Snap with the host OS's Python

Is it possible to run a Snapped codebase with the standard Python install which may be running on the host OS’s $PATH?

I know that Python may not always be installed and if it is it may not have all the modules my snap would need.
I also know that it is not the way Snaps are supposed to work

when running a snap your host OS is either the core or the core18 snap and you have access to its python interpreter already, but the set f modules inside the core/core18/core20 snaps is pretty small …

ther actual interpreter outside of the confinement is probably accessible though /var/lib/snapd/hostfs somehow but you’D have to do a lot of path mangling to get it right … and along with this your snap would indeed break if teh interpreter is massively different (for example IIRC arch calls pyhon3 /usr/bin/python while all other distros do use this for pytho2)