Ripgrep aliased as rg

Can I get an official alias for the ripgrep snap to use rg, which is the command per the upstream documentation?

This is for (‘ripgrep’ from ‘icey’ publisher). is the upstream and it indeed references ‘rg’.

‘rg’ doesn’t seem to conflict with anything. @icey, what is your relationship with upstream ripgrep?

No relationship, besides opening up the PR to add the snapcraft.yaml. That has now been accepted upstream but I have not yet managed to coordinate adding the author to the collaborators.

@icey - thanks for the feedback and for snapping ripgrep.

+1 for granting the alias.

Sounds like a potential source for conflicts, but seems to be the most well known application for the name, and closely related to the snap name. +1

2 votes for, 0 against. Granting the alias (sorry for the delay in granting this).

This is now granted and live in the store.