[revoked] Requesting default alias for the tree-strict snap

Dear @reviewers, I would like to request default alias for the tree-strict snap.

Snap Run Command Requested Alias
tree-strict tree


It is the command that people usually use.

Thanks in advance!

AIUI, we don’t really like to have different snaps for classic vs strict from the same publisher, but maybe I am misremembering? @Wimpress, @popey - can you comment? There is already a classic request for ‘tree’ here: [revoked] Classic confinement request for the tree snap (and note, I have a question for you in that request as well)

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I mentioned it in another thread as a possible option for having two snaps of the same name with different confinement. Which might be useful.

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I just noticed that here: Requesting default alias for the nano-strict snap

I think this is being done backward, the current tree snap has a significant installed base and is strict confinement. So it would make more sense to make a tree-classic snap and not change confinement of the existing one.

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For the nano* and the tree* snap I’m open for @popey 's suggestion of making a classic track specifically for classic confinement.

We might also want to make this a regular practice for every snap that has similar requirements.

You can’t have an alias for a snap name, AIUI. That is, you can’t have an alias that is the same as the name of a snap.

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You mean an automatic alias for an existing snap name published on the store?


ps nice avatar

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That’s a bummer, I go for taking the tree namespace instead, then.


Wait, I might be wrong. I’m talking with people about this … :slight_smile:

edit: so, the policy is to avoid clashes, and that includes a snap having an alias that is the name of an existing snap – but it’s not strictly enforced. If you try to install them together, things will break (hopefully with an error but I haven’t been able to test it). Using a channel would avoid this though.

sorry for the noise.

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Based on this comment, I’m closing this request. Please report back if this is in error.