Review Snap Packages & Snapcraft Feedback

Review needed for classic snaps (both are private right now)

Snap: remacs-thibran Reasons for classic:

  1. Without classic the user would not be able to edit files under / or as root user.
  2. Some Emacs packages need to compile something on the user side to work, using the local package manager, example: pdf-tools

Snap: fish-thibran

  • Reasons for classic: A shell without access to / is not very useful.

I’m currently in contact with the Fish devs to see if they would like to release the snap under their name or if I’m allowed to distribute the snap as official fish snap.

For Remacs, I plan to first have a working snapcraft file before contacting the devs.

Snapcraft Feedback

  • The snapcraft rust plugin should have an option to disable cargo to build code (something like a cargo-no-compile flag). This is necessary when compiling a rust project which is mixed (Rust + [another language]), like in the case of Remacs.

  • It would be nice if there was a way to set environment variables which last for the whole snapcraft build process. In the case of Remacs there are some folders which are named after the Remacs version. Remacs/Emacs uses also paths which are generated by autotools (target triplets) – snapping an application with dynamic paths is quite hard right now.

  • How to create an alias in the snap store?

  • It feels strange that private classic snaps need to be reviewed right now (as long as they are not declared stable), what’s the reasoning behind that?

Pending Snap Review My maybe snap review is pending since weeks. It would be nice to know what the current status is. Someone registered the maybe snap name before me, but has till today not released anything at the snap store. After I build the snapcraft.yaml I tried to release my app, and was somewhat surprised that I couldn’t (I checked before the snap store and apt-get that there was no app named like mine).

These are a lot of point :slight_smile:

Feedback about my different snapcraft.yaml files is sincerely welcome