Restrict collaborator access

Is it possible to restrict collaborator access on a private snap? I created an alpha version of our snap that is a version or two ahead of the public accessible version for our testers to evaluate. I would like to keep this private so that the general public can’t access it since it has extra logging to help testing. I would not like to make all of the testers collaborators because it seems that would give them too much admin access. Is there a way to still require someone to log in to be able to download the app but also prevent them from having full access? It seems like collaborator groups is a feature that’s missing here.

Collaborators are meant to be a part of your team and thus have full access to the snap publishing functions. There is no mechanism for read-only sharing of private snaps.

For otherwise public snaps where you want outside testing but to segment from the “stable” version, you should either consider having multiple tracks or use a branch channel if it’s more of a short-lived test. See:

With tracks you’d typically have something like a track per major version (1.0, 2.0). Depending our your development process you might just use the edge/beta/candidate risk levels within those tracks to allow opt-in access for users to test more bleeding edge builds, or you can separate out entirely to use e.g. “latest” track to be more of your nightly/in-development tree.