Require Classic for the snap

Hello, We are creating a snap “ail-installer” that makes our work easier by downloading and installing the needful application we are creating at Arishti Info Labs.

We need the classic confinement so that this snap can create the system services, get our builds from our server, and unload them at the specific folder in the system, and also handle the uninstall functionalities of our applications. We are a Startup company who is making India based indigenous cyber security products. You can visit us on

Hi @ail-ubuntu,

Can you please elaborate more on what kind of needful application the tool will try to install and which folder it tried to install them on?

In general, for a snap to be granted classic confinement, it needs to fall under any of the supported categories

In this case, let’s work towards allowing ail-installer to work under strict confinement and thus enjoy the benefits of a stable runtime environment. You can use snappy-debug which makes required interface suggestions!!


Hello @0xnishit,

We have developed some cyber security tools that support our products at Arishti Info Labs, to update those product versions & files, and also to automate the installation process we are creating this snap.

In this snap we will fetch our created tools and projects from our build servers and make Linux Service files to run those projects, we are storing our required files in /etc folder. We will not install any 3rd party software with this snap, this will only be used by our team members for easy deployment and testing purposes.

As a product-based startup company we plan towards making our work simple, fast and automated, so with this snap we will be one step closer to building our products.


Thanks for considering the snaps ecosystem for your startup.

As @0xnishit mentioned, to grant classic the snap needs to fit in one of the existing categories but unfortunately configuring system services is an unsupported use case. See this recent discussion Classic confinement request for servicer: a CLI to simplify service management on systemd

ooh boy, I guess we will have to look into other options for this now … well no problem thanks for the update, we tried :man_shrugging:

@ail-ubuntu hey, have you considered an alternative design for your solution so you can still get the benefits of the snap ecosystem under strict confinement?

Hello @emitorino,

Yes, we will be using other snaps with strict confinement, but due to the restrictions we will have a limited number of snaps :man_shrugging: and for the installation process and automation we will create something else no worries we can understand :innocent:.

Hi @ail-ubuntu

One idea here just in case it would be helpful. As @0xnishit and @emitorino said, we can’t grant this snap classic as this use case is not one of the supported ones. However, this is only about the global store :wink: You can always distribute the snap among your team members in an alternative way (e.g. network share) and still obtain a lot of advantages from the snap concept.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Yes, we will be revolving around snap concept :sweat_smile: and use all the valuable features at fullest :innocent:.