Requesting the removal or ownership transfer of a package

Hi folks!

I’m the author / maintainer of a project which was released on the snap store a few years ago:
The version on the store is long outdated. It was originally created by a canonical employee with my permission.
I tried contacting the owner on their canonical email address but it bounced, I guess they are no longer working with canonical.
Since the package is long outdated I’d like to have it either removed or transferred to me so I can update or remove it myself.
My snapcraft publisher username is jaksi0x07c8.
As a proof that I’m the author of the project in question, here’s a gist under my GitHub user with the exact same content as this post:


The forum only allows two links per post, so here’s some more context in a comment:

Ping, is this the right platform for such requests?

Thank you for your patience and the verification details. I’ve transferred this snap to you as the upstream owner. Happy snapping!

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