Requesting "tcpdump" name


I registered the tcpdump-jdstrand name but would like to use the tcpdump reserved name, if that is ok. If the official upstream wants to take it at some point, that is ok with me, but in the meantime I’d like to maintain this. If this is granted, can you tell me the process for moving tcpdump-jdstrand to tcpdump (I only just registered tcpdump-jdstrand to there is no problem with migrating people and I can do whatever is easiest for you)?



We cannot rename snaps so the only thing to do is for you to register tcpdump - it will tell you it’s unavailable and whether you still want to claim the name, say you do and we will get a reserved name request which I can grant (on Monday of course ;).

Then it might make sense for you to unpublish tcpdump-jdstrand entirely so people don’t find it by mistake.

  • Daniel

Done and done (well, I closed edge and made it private). I should’ve known this but I’ve never actually snapped a reserved name before. Thanks! :slight_smile: