Requesting default alias for the nano-strict snap

Dear @reviewers, I would like to request default alias for the nano-strict snap.

Snap Run Command Requested Alias
nano-strict nano


It is the command that people usually use.

Thanks in advance!

Would it make more sense to use the single name nano but have two tracks, one which uses classic confinement and one which doesn’t. That way you could get the unconfined (classic) version with:

snap install nano --channel=classic/stable

To get the confined (strict) version you would:

snap install nano --channel=latest/stable

This may be abusing the tracks system, but it could work.


Is different confinement model between tracks supported by the review-tools?

Also, this means that we might need to migrate the repo from to Launchpad for building multiple snaps from the same repository.

The review tools work at an atomic level per revision of a snap. They don’t care if one day a snap comes in which is classic, and another day a strict one comes in. The rules are applied to each individual revision of the snap.

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I’ve initiated the track request: New track(classic) request for the nano snap

FWIW AIUI you can’t have an alias that is the same as the name of an existing snap.

edit: i think i’m wrong (will update once clarified)

so, the policy is to avoid clashes, and that includes a snap having an alias that is the name of an existing snap – but it’s not strictly enforced. If you try to install them together, things will break (hopefully with an error but I haven’t been able to test it). Using a channel would avoid this though.

sorry for the noise.

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Where would this be enforced, the store? As it is, as reviewers we vote and grant aliases but don’t necessarily remember that has been granted prior. If the store is doing this check when we try to grant the alias, I’ve never seen it…

yes, as a warning in the store for the reviewers, it was previously discussed but not implemented so far, but it might be time to introduce them