Requesting a Snapcrafters category

HI @niemeyer,

I’d like to request a new “snapcrafters” category as somewhere the Snap Advocacy team can collaborate with community members who want to help projects create snaps.

We already have #snapcraft and #snap, which together should handle snapcraft-the-tool conversations and those about work on the process of snapping particular pieces of software. If we introduced “snapcrafters” it would be difficult to tell the difference between this and one of the formers.

For what @Wimpress is requesting, I would use “snap”. But that name is not very good, I had to look at the description to see if my post was relevant there. What about rename “snap” to “snapcrafters”? More confusion?

I also think that we are missing a “community” category. We have café, which is kind of what I wanted to post, but I think nobody would see it if it doesn’t go to the main page.

Yes, sounds a bit confusing. I can’t think of a better term to talk about a place where we go to talk about particular snaps than #snap itself, and looking at empirical evidence by listing the topics in that category, people seem to get it.

Renaming “snap” to “snapcrafters” will definitely reduce clarity and blur the lines, because any topics being discussed in #snapcraft will necessarily be held by people using snapcraft, and neither of those names hint at the fact talking about snaps instead of snapcraft itself is welcome.

A community category seems inappropriate for a different reason. We’re all part of the community that works on these concepts, so every single one of those categories is about community.

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I see snap confusing because the first thing that comes to mind is the command, not the .snap files. I initially suggested snapS because of this. But I don’t think it’s a much better alternative. It’s not a big deal either, because if somebody sees the post using the wrong category, it’s easy to reorganize it.