Request use of docker interface [Was: Classic confinement request: Dunner]

@reviewers Can you vote to approve this request? We want dunner to be easily installable with snap.

Many of the reviewers are at an internal company sprint this week so you may have a delayed response here unfortunately

While I understand that auto-connection is convenient for you as a publisher, it grants full device ownership to the device with the snap being distributed in the public store.

GUI snap installers like gnome-software on Ubuntu and the snap-store snap provide graphical ways to grant access, and your snap is in a position to detect if it has access to the socket or not, which is enough for you to catch the error and tell the user to connect the interface.

+1 for use of the docker interface, -1 for auto-connection.

@reviewers - can others of you vote?


I think it’s reasonable to allow use of the docker interface (+1).

Having the user explicitly grant connection of these powerful interface is a well-established pattern, and I don’t think it detracts significantly from the experience given the extra level of security provided by snaps; I’m also -1 to auto-connecting, particularly since the options @jdstrand offered are used succesfully by other snaps.

  • Daniel

I also vote: +1 to allow use of the docket interface, -1 for the auto-connection.

A seamless user experience is important, I agree. However in this case, this is an advanced admin tool, so some small level of manual configuration shouldn’t detract too much from the overall usability.

3 votes for, 0 against use of the docker interface

0 votes for, 0 against auto-connection of the docker interface

This is now live.