Request use of docker interface: tidal

Hello @reviewers!

I’m working on a snap package for Tidal Tools. Here’s the snap git repo.

For some of its features (Database Analysis, Source Code Analysis) Tidal Tools needs to communicate with Docker, that’s why we’re requesting permission to use docker interface for out snap package.

Let me know if you need any additional details.


Under the links for the features, there is the question ‘Why Docker?’ where the answer is “This is because the analysis uses several system dependent software libraries so by using Docker the analysis can use those libraries without you requiring to install the correct versions and dependencies.”

Snaps provide this natively. Why not just ship what is needed in the snap and remove the docker dependency? This would streamline the snap experience since users wouldn’t need to preinstall docker.

I’ll also mention that the docker interface grants device ownership to the snap, and while I don’t foresee any issues with use of the interface, our review processes would likely decline auto-connection (meaning your users would need to, in addition to installing docker, snap install tidal ; snap connect tidal:docker).

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@pshevtsov - fyi, this request cannot proceed without the requested information.