Request tracks for u1test-snap-with-tracks


To run some tests in snapcraft I would like to have a snap with tracks in the store.

I have registered u1test-snap-with-tracks. Can somebody please create two tracks for it?

test-track-1 and test-track-2 are good names.

pura vida

Hi Leo!

Hey, I went looking for your snap but couldn’t find it. Could you please double-check the name? Also I assume this was created on the production instance of the store?


  • Daniel

Hello Daniel. Could it be because I didn’t push a snap, just registered the name?
I have pushed it now. And btw, is not under my user, it’s in the user.

Thanks for looking at it.

OK, I see it now.

Per the Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks we should put this to vote.

Since the request comes from one of the main Snapcraft devs and both the snap and track names are crystal-clear as to their intent, +1 from me as reviewer.

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Seconded, happy testing!

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It’s been a week and with the two +1 votes from reviewers, we can grant these tracks.

They’ve been created now.


  • Daniel


Here are the tests, and two bugs that are will be very easy to test once fixed: