Request tracks 0.4.8 and 0.4.9 for freeorion

The freeorion project is slowly but steady moving. We started this year with snap distribution on version 0.4.8

We are in rampdown to release new major version 0.4.9

Gamesaves are never compatable between such releases, so we also need a way to keep people finishing their old version. We do not have a clear upgrade strategy yet (???e.g. force feeding 0.4.9 by preventing starting new games on 0.4.8???).

So for the time being we want need different tracks for the major versions.

0.4.8 and 0.4.9 or v0.4.8 and v0.4.9 would be both OK for us.

Hello there!

In general this track request makes sense. How often do you do a new release? Is there a planned release schedule or do you just release “when it’s ready”? (If you have this documented somewhere, I’m happy to go in and read something).

As for the track names, I can do either, so let me know which you prefer (with or without the v prefix).

We do need to allow a few days for other reviewers to chime in. I’ll check again then.

  • Daniel


we release when it is ready and that is about once a year or two. We would like to release more often (e.g. twice a year), but that is not how it works out :slight_smile:

There is AFAIK no formal documentation of the general release process. When the time is ready the release manager creates a forum thread and furthers discussion and steers the community.

The track names with the v prefix are preferable.


About a year sounds fine (just wanted to see it was not something super frequent like a month or less). And no worries, you can change your release cadence if needed.

OK, let’s make it v0.4.8 and v0.4.9 then. +1 from me as reviewer!

Could other @reviewers please vote on this?

  • Daniel

+1 from me as a reviewer too.

The requested tracks are now created (two +1 votes and waiting period elapsed)


  • Daniel