Request to review my test gadget


I am working through the Snap video tutorials for ROS and wanting to test a custom gadget.

It is up for review,


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Bump for review please?

@niemeyer @jdstrand can we please get this reviewed?

I appreciate the bump!

I am not 100% for sure if this still needs to be reviewed. IIRC I got from the commercial folks is that a hotplug feature which should be landing any time will remove the need for a custom gadget.

Does this hold true?

It’s true that custom gadgets should no longer be required once hotplug exists (for this particular use-case anyway), but as far as I’m aware, while it’s on the roadmap, it’s not “landing any time” soon.

That is a huge bummer.

My concern is this gadget has taken 3mo to approve. Unfortunately I can’t evaluate this without being a commercial customer, which we can’t do as we are a scrappy startup.

Is there any way to get the custom gadget working on our setup? We don’t mind building images or not having updates from the store and have to be updated manually.

For locally built images you can simply create your own model assertion (set the gadget: option to the name of your custom gadget) and use --extra-snaps /path/to/your/gadget.snap as option to ubuntu-image

documentation for this process is at:

It will still take a little while for hotplugging to land because it’s a non-trivial feature, but the good news is that we’re actively working on it. It’s the top priority for @pstolowski right now.

Thanks for the input @ogra and @niemeyer. I’ll start working on a custom image as I am excited to begin evaluating ubuntu core for our application.