Request to auto connect interface "network-control" for netvfy-agent

Netvfy-agent is a VPN application that requires the use of the tun interface on linux.
Netvfy is a network virtualization platform.

Hi there, I dug into the build and seem to be ok to +1 after quickly looking at the source code.
What I think would make the process faster is have a pointer to a more broad explanation (e.g.; in-source README) for other people to find less friction into looking into this.

For others, the source is an the snapcraft.yaml lives in that tree.

Side comment, seems you are only building the cli version of the agent in snapcraft.yaml

Agreed, will add a README, thanks.
And you’re right, only building the CLI for now. The GUI is not yet completed.
Cheers !

‘netvfy-agent’ doesn’t suggest to me that this snap would automatically require network-control, even though the fact that it is a VPN application does. doesn’t provide a lot of additional information. The snap’s description and summary do though.

I’m with @sergiusens that this should have a upstream, but that doesn’t block my vote.

+1 for auto-connection of network-control

@reviewers - can others vote?

+1 from me, makes sense for this class of application.

:+1: from me, seems sensible for this application.

4 votes for, 0 against for auto-connecting network-control.

This is now live.