Request: Please remove snippetpixie from store so I can re-register in organisation account


I registered the snippetpixie snap under my personal “ianmjones” account not realising I couldn’t set up an organisation.

I’ve now created an account for my company Byte Pixie (bytepixie) that I would prefer to use for publishing the snap on the store.

I’ve pushed a devmode version to edge while testing, but it’s safely in private mode and actually queued for human review at the moment, so hopefully snippetpixie can either be removed or switched across to bytepixie as its owner?



Just to answer the “Can it be done” portion, yes. ie - like Snap transfer request.

They will likely get back to you with requirements once they read.

Have a good one.

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All sorted, snap transferred to new account and original even kept as collaborator, which is handy.

Very easy process, received an email to both account’s addresses to confirm the transfer and after reply to both it wasn’t long before I got confirmation of the transfer.

Thanks Natalia!