Request new tracks for client-kubernetes-auth charm

I’m a member of the FE team at canonical and the maintainer of a tool that is used by customers in our deployments of kubernetes. The tool is an addon that is released by kubernetes project itself but is a contrib and does not end up in the official package so it’s packaged separately (there’s also the fact that you may want to install only that tool on a remote system that will access k8s so it makes sense to be a separate package).

The charm is client-keystone-auth

I intend to keep releasing multiple versions in sync with kubernetes version. So I need multiple tracks to keep those versions.

I’m already using latest/* but I would like to request the following ones:

1.25/* 1.24/* 1.23/* 1.22/*

All the snap packages for all the new versions and architectures are already compiled and uploaded to the store, I just realized that I cannot create the tracks myself, hence this request.

Thank you very much.


Ah, please, before I forget: there is a special case of an old version I want to keep for some time (for backward compatibility reasons) which is 1.14, so a track for that one too would be appreciated. I can close that one in the future.


it’s not clear to me whether you need tracks for a snap or for a charm. Can you clarify, and can you specify the name of either the charm or snap in question? (actually if it’s a charm, this is not the right place to ask, but I wanted to confirm).

  • Daniel

Sorry, itś for a snap. Ignore any mentions of a charm.

Got it. I’m +1 on this - we usually grant tracks for kubernetes-y stuff (e.g. microk8s) and if this tool is tied to the version of kubernetes that works with it, it sounds like a related use case.

  • Daniel

Hi @roadmr, just checking if I should do something on my side or is the process completely done by your team (first time I’m doing this). Thank you!

Hi, the tracks are now created. 1.14 and 1.22, 1.23, 1.24 and 1.25.

  • Daniel

Thank @roadmr, very much appreciated.

Cheers Andre


I would like to release version 1.26 of this tool and would appreciate if you could create the new channel for me.

Thanks in advance.


+1 as reviewer, 1.26 track for the snap is now created.

  • Daniel
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