Request names and classic confinement for new packages related to dlang



We have created other Snap packages to improve the use of the DLang development environment.
For the same reasons as the previous dmd ( and dub ( we need classic confinement.

We request:

  1. the following package names for the publisher dlang:

  2. classic confinement for the following packages:

    • dcd
    • dscanner
    • dfmt
    • dfix
    • drepl
  3. the following automatic aliases:

    • dcd-client to dcd.dcd-client
    • dcd-server to dcd.dcd-server
  4. the automatic tracks for the following packages:

    • dcd
    • dscanner
    • dfmt
    • dfix
    • drepl

I make this request as a collaborator of the dlang publisher, do not hesitate to contact @joseph.wakeling in case of doubt about the legitimacy of this request.
All package sources are available here:

Here are the sources of upstream projects that we intend to distribute on snap:


Ernesto Castellotti


I can confirm that these packages have my blessing: all of them are useful tools in the D language ecosystem. Let us know if there are any issues related to these names, to classic confinement, or any other factors.


Regular bump for request…


Looking at Classic confinement request: dlang and considering that @ErnyTech was granted classic for other dlang tools and @joseph.wakeling’s blessing of these, I’m considering him vetted for this and prepared to grant classic and the aliases, though there are no packages in the store AFAICS. Feel free to uplaod and respond back and I can take care of the classic requests.

As for the aliases: +1 for dcd-client and dcd-server.


I think @joseph.wakeling has yet to register the package names in the account for dlang


I’ve registered them all now, and you should have access :slight_smile:


I’ve also added Launchpad builds for all these packages. The builds succeed but store upload currently fails with messages like:

Cannot upload new revisions for name=dcd

… so I presume this is where classic confinement approval comes in … ?


Just to ping on the above problem:

Cannot upload new revisions for name=dcd

I’m giving a lightning talk at the D language conference this afternoon, it would be really nice if we were able to solve this problem and upload the packages in time to announce them :wink:


@jdstrand now the packages are registered on the store and they are all (except drepl that is still in development) waiting for a manual revision, could you manage it?

Ernesto Castellotti


Sorry this didn’t get processed in time for your presentation.

Granting use of classic to dcd, dscanner, dfmt, dfix and drepl. This is now live.


+1 to grant aliases for dcd-client and dcd-server. @reviewers - can you vote on this?


@store - can someone drive the track requests?


Sorry :frowning: I need clarification on which tracks are needed. There is no such thing as “automatic tracks”, as requested originally:

  • Daniel


+1 from me; the requested aliases themselves are well-namespaced so I see no risk of confusion and these are the well-known names for these commands.

  • Daniel


+1 as well. As @roadmr says, these are unlikely to conflict given the dcd- prefix.


3 votes for, 0 against for auto-aliases. This is now live.


I have to say I’m not sure what is meant here, unless @ErnyTech meant the usual channels of edge, beta, candidate, release. I don’t personally think we need any tracks for these packages at this stage, but I’ll defer to his wishes if he has something particular in mind.

Anyway, thanks everyone for taking the time to review these packages and granting the aliases and classic status. It’s good to be getting some new packages into the wild! :slight_smile: