Request `lts` track for `powershell` snap

Request lts track for powershell snap because our next release will be an LTS, but most releases will only be stable. We need some way for users to get a snap for each.

cc @popey

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Hi there!

Tracks containing LTS releases are typically versioned (see LTS Track Request for netbeans Snap - #4 by roadmr for example). This is recommended because otherwise 1) you’re limited to a single supported LTS at any given point in time (no overlap) and more importantly 2) when you publish another LTS 2 years from now, all the people on the current one will be forcibly (and possibly undesirably) updated to the new LTS, entirely defeating the point :slight_smile:

If you really want it I’m mostly OK to grant it but would like to read a description on how your release and support schedule would look like with a single LTS track, to ensure the above scenario doesn’t become a problem for you down the line.

If you can respond with that it’d give me and other reviewers more info to cast a vote.

Thanks in advance!

  • Daniel

Our other distribution mechanisms, will follow this pattern where users get automatically upgraded to the new LTS. I’ll have to review with management if they agree to your proposal.

Our support lifecycle before we introduce LTS is documented here:

Our LTS release cycle, our release cadence will follow DotNet:

Hi! This should not be necessary - your release cycle is your own, which is why I used “typically” and “recommended” - but it seems as though you have:

If that’s the case, and you’re happy and aware that users of the snap lts track will be upgraded automatically when you publish a new release, then we can grant the lts track no problem.

Given this and the well-documented release/support cycle, I’m +1 to grant this track. Let’s give a few days for other reviewers to chime in.

Thanks for your patience!

  • Daniel

@reviewers could someone chime in on this request maybe?


  • Daniel

This process seems thought out, +1 on lts.

I have created the lts track for powershell.


  • Daniel