Request - Interface Personal-files: read-write

Hey @warrensbox, did you make any progress regarding this request?

I still don’t consider this a correct approach. On top of what I already said (this is not the typical use for the personal-files iface), there are strong reasons related to confinement of why write access to $HOME/bin is specifically disallowed.

@pedronis can you please comment?

Writing to $HOME/bin allows a snap to trivially escape confinement. As such this is not going to be allowed. Snaps are confined and so any software which they execute needs to be contained within the sandbox. Unfortunately whilist snaps can support a variety of application use-cases, this is not one of them. Instead you should ship the various terraform versions inside your snap OR publish multiple versions of your snap in different tracks. I am removing this request from our queue. Thanks.

Given the options, I don’t think snapcraft if the right place for this tool. I will remove it shortly. Thanks for all the help. I appreciate the feedback

I read the thread, and i have one point to make here.

If the your app need to download stuff after installation its called AppData and should be downloaded in standard AppData locations like ~/.local/share/your_app_domain/ and not in some random location in $HOME. One must follow these conventions to simple not have issues like we are having here.

I have few applications that does this, and i never had any issues with packaging them as snaps. If that you could fix in your implementation, please check back. You will never have to mess with any situation like this.

I have no problem downloading packages.

I have a problem creating a symlink from $HOME/bin --> to-the-downloaded-packages

This tool is to switch between different version os terraform