Request: Inform end users about apps that use classic confinement

Inform end users what classic confinement is in the store and in the terminal install.

I had been using Skype for months and didn’t know what a “–classic” install does. It was by accident that I found what a classic confinement is in the documentation. I immediately uninstalled it.

It does.

alan@KinkPad-K450:~$ snap install skype
error: This revision of snap "skype" was published using classic confinement and thus may perform
       arbitrary system changes outside of the security sandbox that snaps are usually confined to,
       which may put your system at risk.

       If you understand and want to proceed, repeat the command including --classic.

In the graphical store it says “This application is unconfined. It can access all personal files and system resources.”

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@popey I was unaware a desktop store even existed. I have been using the terminal all this time.

I’ll mark both my posts as solved.

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I was referring to the webpage that had the command. I had memorized this and didn’t know what “–classic” was and directly inputted the command as is.

Ah thanks @Mystic - I understand now.
Yeah, i don’t agree that the storefront should have --classic on it.

@pheurton can we remove the --classic from there? Users should be well informed and not blindly paste the command.