Request for transfer of ownership of snap "dogehouse" to upstream maintainer

I would like to transfer the ownership of the snap dogehouse (snap ID: 9Sr4ofDR4ZBktHmRKSNUpTuUAmX5OnWA) from The Pins Team (developer account ID: dUrpzxqf3LoFHlfkSEVdKT3hM16sP2rY) to the upstream maintainer himself, as requested from Discord through DMs.


As per the Snap Store policies on transferring snap name ownership between publishers, the current one must add the new one as an collaborator first and request his Developer Account ID. Currently, I’m not yet added the upstream maintainer yet because I need to ask his Ubuntu SSO email (the primary one) to send an invite and also I need to get his Developer Account ID. I’ll update you regarding this once I added the maintainer to the the collaborators list.

Hi Snap Store reviewers,

I’ll close this ticket as the upstream maintainer wants me to delete the snap instead so he can register it without the transfer request mess. Can you please lock this thread? Thanks!