Request for the "hyper" snap name

Hi Snap Store Reviewers!

I would like to package Hyper, an Electron app made by Vercel, under the upstream name hyper, but someone has registered it in the past and made it private. Alan Pope said in an Telegram chat that upstream maintainers at Vercel maybe involved regarding this.

In an meanwhile, I register the snap as vercel-hyper temporarily, but I would like to rename into that if the current snap name holder allows it.

My repo for building the snap is on I’m still disabled the Snapcraft Builds for that GitHub repo.

Here’s our Snap Store account ID, just in case you need it for the review process: dUrpzxqf3LoFHlfkSEVdKT3hM16sP2rY [see footnote 1]


  1. That account ID is not my personal account, and I’m publishing snaps under The Pins Team (since mostly I generated the snapcrafters/fork-and-rename-me repo into the MadeByThePinsHub GitHub org unles in some scenarios).

I’m currently drilling around the upstream’s Issue Tracker/Pull Requests and found some references:

While there’s a possibility that they claimed it, I’m not sure why they hid it from the store. Probably they’re not ready to publish yet?

Sorry for the delay. The snap has been indeed registered, by someone whom I can’t find in the list of contributors to hyper, so it appears to be a community member. However, as you say, it has been set to private for the packager’s own reasons.

Due to privacy concerns I can’t give you the packager’s information, but I can ask them to get in contact with you to discuss possibly transferring the snap name.

If you don’t hear from them in a few days let me know and we’ll figure something out.

  • Daniel

Hey, I’ve heard back from the current owner, the snap has been transferred to you.

  • Daniel
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Thanks for knowing that. Also please thank the original snap name holder for agreeing to transfer the name to me.