Request for personal-files for enclock


EncLock LLC is developing an app called enclock. It is a password manager app. For all other platforms such as Mac OS and Win10 the data is separated from the app. Meaning the data is permanently stored on the device even if the app is removed. It is up to the user to decide if they want to remove their enclock stored data or not. With snap using anything in the ~/snap/enclock/ as a place to store user data was not an option since snap remove enclock removes all the directories there and therefore the users would lose all their data. We would like to store user data in a Linux platform permanently like we do with Mac OS and Win10.

For that reason asking for personal-files permission for enclock so we can store data under $HOME/.enclock.

EncLock LLC is a registered business in the United States and would be happy to go through a vetting process if that is deemed necessary.


As discussed in the other thread at Need personal-files interface usage approval I was under the impression that ~/snap/<snap name>/common was retained when a snap is removed, however given that this snap is the clear owner of ~/.enclock I am fine to support the use of write access with auto-connect to a personal-files instance named dot-enclock at ~/.enclock for this snap, +1 from me.

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Thanks @alexmurray for the +1!

I totally understand this process may take some time but I was wondering… is there something that I need to do at this point? Is there anything that is waiting on me to move this forward?


@enclock - No there is nothing else you need to do at this point - now we just wait for other @reviewers to cast their votes.

+1 from me for write access and auto-connect to dot-enclock with path to ~/.enclock.

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+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect and use of personal-files instance dot-enclock with write access to ~/.enclock. This is now live.

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Thank you so much guys! Appreciate it.