Request for Package Acceptance: Rejection due to docker interface (Easeml)


  • Get our snap package accepted in the store
  • Get the docker interface automatically connected (required for bare functionality)


  • Use of docker interface that requires manual approval for acceptance in the store (our current understanding of the issue)
  • Docker is required for the basic functionality of this application


Snap ID: aApcveKBC3NiZKRtcs0ux21rAQW1bGzr
Current Name: easeml (previous name: easeml-automl)

Reviewer rejection message:

“The docker interface is reserved for snaps that require the ability to control all aspects of docker containers on the system which therefore grants device ownership to the snap. If the access is required, consider using a brand store or create a forum topic at https :// forum .snapcraft .io / using the ‘store-requests’ category if this can be discussed in public or the ‘sensitive’ category if the discussion should remain private. Please feel free to copy and paste this message in the topic. Thanks!” — Jamie Strandboge

Case: platform eases and aids the Machine Learning (ML) model selection and tunning process. This is an open-source project that would highly benefit from snap’s ease of use and multiOS capabilities.

It follows snap’s “strict containment” requirements. The ML models are created as Docker images and containers are spawned during the training and tunning phases. The use of Docker images is an existential requirement for the software as it is necessary for the ML models to be programming language, framework, and libraries agnostic. Moreover, we follow the documented snap interface usage for docker. Update: We removed the docker-support interface.

We strongly believe that our software presents a reasonable and necessary use case for the interface and that it should be allowed in the store. We would appreciate your consideration.


  • Sun 22 March 2020 #2 Rejected. Automated review found 3 errors and 0 warnings. Rejected automatically after manual rejection from revision 1.
  • Tue 18 Feb. 2020 #2 Updated version by Easeml.
  • Tue 18 Feb. 2020 #2 New version uploaded, v 0+git.809ea0c-dirty (2)

Kind Regards,
Leonel Aguilar
Data Science Service and Systems Group
ETH Zurich

Hi, I had a quick look at your snapcraft.yaml on github and these interfaces:

should not be necessary since you are using the docker executables from the docker snap, and you have the docker plug declared at

If you remove those docker-support interfaces then you can probably request at least connection of the docker interface through this forum, but AIUI reviewers won’t be granting connection to your snap of the docker-support interface.

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Thanks a lot @ijohnson for taking the time to check the snapcraft.yaml and the heads-up!
We removed the “docker-support” interface as per your advice and updated our request


@ds3 can you please update this request to state specifically what you are now requesting for easeml?

@alexmurray, I updated the original post to make our request more salient (The acceptance of the easeml package in the snap store and auto connection of its interfaces).

The gist of this request, is to get the package accepted in the store and we are willing to follow the guidelines and advice to achieve this as fast as possible. We would like the used interfaces to be automatically connected as they are required for the basic functionality of the snap.

A separate additional request (Easeml name dispute) is to use the name easeml instead of easeml-automl, we have work spanning several years using this name, including domain name, research articles, etc.

Please let me know if this clarifies what we intend with our request.

Thanks for your time.

The name dispute will be handled separately as per that thread - regarding the auto-connect of docker for easeml, it is clear from the description of easeml that docker is a prerequisite so this should not be unexpected for users, so +1 from me for this.

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Would it be possible to receive more feedback or votes from the @reviewers?

The name conflict has been resolved, we are just waiting for the request in this thread (docker autoconnect).

+1 for use of the docker interface (this would be sufficient for your snap to pass automated review).

Many requests for auto-connection of the docker interface result in granting use of the interface but requiring manual connection since the docker interface grants device ownership to the snap. In the case of easeml, it’s whole existence is for driving docker so I vote +1 for auto-connection on the condition that vetting be performed by the @advocacy team just like we might for classic snaps.

2 votes for, 0 against for use of and auto-connection.

@advocacy, can you perform vetting of this snap as per my requirement for granting auto-connection?

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I’ve vetted the publisher, +1 from me.

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Granting use of and auto-connection for docker. This is now live.

@ds3 - new uploads should now pass automated review. You can also request a manual review of revision 1 and we can manually approve.

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Thanks everyone for your time!