Request for new track "insider"

I would like to request “insider” tracks for the following snaps. We’ll use the track for the early testing version.

  • tapyrus-core
  • tapyrus-signer

Hi there,

Can you please explain why the existing non-stable risks are unsuitable for your testing versions? You could publish them in latest/edge or beta.

That said, since the insider pattern is used by a few other snaps, if you prefer that, I’m +1 to grant it. Just be aware that users on a track stay on that track, and won’t automatically migrate, so this increases your maintenance burden.

  • Daniel

I intend to use tracks following different purposes.

  • latest: everything is built by GitHub integration some stable build will be promoted to the stable channel
  • insider: to upload a specific version built manually for test purpose

+1 from me then.

Hi @reviewers, any other votes on this request?

  • Daniel

+1 from me too for the insiders track for these snaps

+1 from me too, makes sense.

insider tracks are now created, given the +3 votes from reviewers.

  • Daniel

Thank you! The request is resolved for me.