Request for `lxd` plug for spread-mir-ci


We’re maintaining a version of spread for Mir CI that we need to use with LXD. The snap, then, needs the lxd plug.

Version 0+git.7aad52d (1) upload for spread-mir-ci to the Snap Store has been rejected.

The reviewer provided the following feedback:

The lxd interface is reserved for snaps that the ability to control all aspects of lxd containers on the system which therefore grants device ownership to the snap. If the access is required, consider using a brand store or create a forum topic at using the ‘store-requests’ category. Please feel free to copy and paste this message in the topic. Thanks!

+1 from me for use of the lxd plug by spread-mir-ci - this is required for standard functionality for this snap.

@Saviq can you clarify if you are requesting auto-connect or just use of the lxd plug for spread-mir-ci

@reviewers can you please vote too?

Just the use, the tool can work without it, depending on configuration.

+1 from me on this one.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granted use of (but not auto-connect) of lxd for spread-mir-ci. This is now live.

Note @saviq future uploads should pass automated review - can you please upload a new version, or request a manual review of the existing revision again? Thanks.