Request for lxd interface

Hello, in the Canonical web team we maintain a snap to run all our projects:

We recently updated the snap to make usage of the lxd interface in order to run projects that will require lxd. This will be a big improvement for us.

dotrun repo:


Revision waiting for approval:

Kind regards, Francisco

+1 from me for use of lxd by dotrun (but not auto-connect as this is a privileged interface and this has also not been requested above).

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+1 from me too for manual use of lxd for the dotrun snap, given this will simplify deployment (and is not auto-connected).

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Thank you @alexmurray and @rayveldkamp!

Can we then get the approval on the dashboard?

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting use-of lxd by dotrun. This is now live.

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