Request for lxd interface access for fabrica

fabrica is supposed to become the center of an Ubuntu Core based “on premise build appliance”. It uses lxd containers (via pylxd) to clone a git tree and run snapcraft inside, managed via a web UI (eventually it should be similar to “your own in-house machine”)

To spawn containers and run commands in them it will need permission to use the lxd plug … since the snap is supposed to be pre-seeded with a custom gadget in a custom image no auto-connection is required (will be done from gadget.yaml)

the source of the current prototype is at

The binary snap should be in the manual review queue at:

Since there is prior art for granting lxd access to snaps I linked it below:

+1 for use of the lxd interface. Do note that this grants a lot of power to this snap so please use some privilege separation, guard your snap’s APIs, sockets (network or otherwise), etc so another snap or unprivileged user can’t escalate.

@reviewers - can others please vote on this?

+1 based on precedent for using the interface, though ideally not auto-connected (as stated by Ogra).

  • Daniel

2 votes for, 0 against. Granting use of the lxd interface without auto-connect. This is now live.

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