Request for interface connection for obs-studio snap

As per the call for testing, OBS is the de facto software for streaming desktop video to the web. It’s heavily used for streaming webcam + gameplay to YouTube and Twitch (among others). I’d like to request a store assertion to add the camera interface to auto-connect. It’s one of the primary uses, and would confound users if they found OBS couldn’t access the camera out of the box.

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+1 since the camera working is expected of this snap.

@willcooke - can you comment on when users will be able to perform interface connections via gnome-software?

+1… anyone with a minimum understanding of what obs-studio does will know a relevant part of its functionality depends on a camera.

@robert.ancell is working on the initial implementation right now and should be ready for a demo this week.

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@reviewers any status on this topic? This causes distress at upstream now.

This has now been enabled in the store.

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