Request for home interface for trackself

My app (Install trackself on Linux | Snap Store) is going to get a new feature soon.

The feature is going to be 3rd party cloud/file system synchronization. Basically give it a file path to which it can export its state and state updates and while the dropbox/google drive/whatever 3rd party cloud provider takes care of the replication, the app nodes will synchronize themselves.

To this end I will need the home interface, because the user needs to select a directory that is being shared with their other devices to enable the replication.

Hi @JanezStupar. Great news, you don’t need any special permissions to use the home interface. Just add it to your app’s plug list like this and files/folders in the users home directory will be available (so long as they don’t start with .).

  - home
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hey @JanezStupar !

Since there is no need for voting/approval to plug the home interface, I am removing this request from our review queue.

If you turn out to require personal-files access as @dclane kindly mentioned, please update the topic and provide specifics (directories, permissions etc).


Thank you very much. I actually do use personal-files, but that has already been approved in previous revisions to the extent I actually require. home interface is perfect as it is for my current use case.