Request for home interface for enclock

Recently I asked for write access to ~/.enclock which was granted. After getting permissions for it I was able to test EncLock app and realized that the app does not have access to read or write files from any home directory except for the ~/snap/enclock. The app supports uploading files to the app to be encrypted and also supports downloading files to an unencrypted format. For the convenience of the users I am asking for read / write permissions to the entire home directory so the users can upload/download any files from/to anywhere in the home directory.

Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide for this request.

Is your snap using the home interface as well as the personal-files interface for ~/.enclock ?

@ijohnson currently I do have the personal-files interface.

    interface: personal-files
      - $HOME/.enclock

Should I have one or the other but not both?


You should try using both interfaces

@enclock right, you can plug home as well. But as explained in the documentation, home will give you access to non-hidden files owned by the user in the user’s $HOME. You could then set the read attr to all, to also read non-hidden files of all users as traditional file permissions allow (this requires further approval).

@emitorino thanks for the link. I think it’s totally OK with getting permissions for non . files only. I think that is sufficient (at least for now) and especially if it will take less time to have this approved. However, it’s great to know that it is an option to have all files accessible.

Is there something else that I need to do for this? Just want to make sure nobody is waiting on me for anything. Please let me know if there is anything that is needed to move this ticket forward.


Hey @enclock,

The home interface is auto-connected on classic, so if you plug it your snap should be able to use it right away. Did you try and experience any issue? I don’t see it in the enclock snap declaration.

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@emitorino thank you very much for the response! The new version of EncLock now gives users the option to Upload files from their home directory to EncLock and vice versa.

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Amazing, thanks for letting us know!

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