Request for home and removable-media interfaces (was: Request for classic confinement: dupliseek)

Hello, I would like to request a classic confinement for the application dupliseek which is currently private.

Application is looking for duplicated images in directory you specify but it gives you control over if image is actually duplicate. We would like a classic confinement because users have images on non-standard locations in file system, on networked drives, removable hard drives and such locations.

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This sounds like the snap could be made strict with The home interface and The removable-media interface. This gives the snap everything in the user’s home (except other snaps and top-level dot directories) as well as anything mounted under /media or /mnt.

thanks for a response while these 2 interfaces would do most of what you need but what about devices mounted under / for example, but before guys make a decission i will talk with other developers to see what others think on limiting our users on snap version but as much as we talked now we could go for this kind of arangement since we also offer different packaging options

@jdstrand we are ok with this so i from now on request home and removable-media interfaces

I :+1: on granting auto-connection of the removable-media interface.

+1 from me for dupliseek to have removable-media auto-connected.

Note that ‘home’ is already auto-connected while ‘removable-media’ is manually connected.

-1 for auto-connecting removeable-media. It isn’t strictly required and user can manually connect it. This can happen either via command line, GUI if using gnome-software in Ubuntu or the snap-store snap anywhere and the application can detect if the access is not granted and contextually tell the user what to do.

@Wimpress and @popey have already cast their vote (though they are free to reconsider). There are two days left for the voting period for other @reviewers to respond.

2 votes for, 1 against. Granting auto-connection. This is now live.

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