Request for "docker" Interface for "sonar" Snap

This is an interface request for the sonar snap:

The response to the in-app request:

The docker interface is reserved for snaps that require the ability to control all aspects of docker containers on the system which therefore grants device ownership to the snap. If the access is required, consider using a brand store or create a forum topic at using the ‘store-requests’ category if this can be discussed in public or the ‘sensitive’ category if the discussion should remain private. Please feel free to copy and paste this message in the topic. Thanks!

I have a CLI called Sonar. It’s a Docker utility. The GitHub repo can be found here. Most of the features thus far connect to the Docker Hub API to work. Some of the latest features though require running docker pull or docker run locally. Once I noticed this problem in the snap, I added the docker interface which then failed automatic publication.

So I am requesting the docker interface be approved for the sonar snap so that it’s features can be used within the snap ecosystem.

Ricardo N Feliciano

Just gonna tag review-team in this.

@FelicianoTech the correct alias to tag for reviews is @reviewers … I am not sure who @review-team is … but reviewers should already be subscribed to the store-requests tag so this should not be necessary. We are aware of this request but just a bit behind at the moment so I hope we can get to it soon.

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Gotcha thanks. Only the former auto competed for some reason.

Hey @FelicianoTech, since the use of the docker interface is clearly required for sonar to access the docker socket as you have explained, I am +1 to allow the use of docker. But could you please update your snap description to reflect this need? Otherwise it seems it’s only connecting to docker hub and to do so this interface is not needed at all.

Also, please remember that for this snap to properly operate, it needs to connect to the slot from the docker snap. Since the docker interface grants device ownership to the snap, I am -1 for auto-connect this interface. If you really need it, we will need to proceed with the publisher vetting process.

Can other @reviewers please vote?

+1 from me too for use-of but not auto-connect of the docker interface for the sonar snap (assuming the snap’s description is updated to indicate that it can be used for interacting directly with docker and in which case the user should manually connect the docker interface)


I made this request 20 days ago in order to get my snap working for what is a major part of my software. This whole process, which I’ve had to go through in the past for other personal snaps as well as the CircleCI snap is very tedious and just a poor experience.

I’m cancelling my request for this interface as I will simply drop support for my snaps instead. For those who did vote, thank you for your time.

@alexmurray, also, just wanted to say that I love the podcast.

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@FelicianoTech apologies for the time this request has taken to be processed - the reviewers team has been backlogged quite a bit lately so all snap requests are unfortunately taking longer to process than usual.

It is unfortunate that this delay has caused you to withdraw this request - as it stands there are sufficient votes for it to proceed so I am going to grant use-of but not auto-connect for docker for sonar regardless. I hope you reconsider your decision (thanks for the kinds words about the podcast too :blush:)

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting use of docker for the sonar snap. This is now live.

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