Request for default alias for `exoscale-cli`

Hi there,

We are getting ready to release our platform’s CLI tool as the “exoscale-cli” snap. However our documentation refers to the actual command as “exo” (similar to the binairies on our current .deb and other packages).

This is therefore a request for an “exo” alias (I have registered the “exo” snap, and the name generally doesn’t conflict with anything else AFAICT).

Let me know if you need any further information,

  • Chris


exo doesn’t seem to conflict with anything (at least in Ubuntu) and makes sense for this snap.

It sounds like you registered the exo name, but don’t plan on using it, to avoid someone else getting exo. Is this accurate? Is there any reason why you wouldn’t just use exo as your snap name?

Hi, thanks for your review.

Yes, that is correct, I registered the “exo” snap just to prevent eventual conflicts in the future (it seemed like an obvious thing to do).

I discussed the naming of the snap with our product people and the consensus was that the following user experience was desired if we are to use snaps:

$ sudo snap install exoscale-cli
$ exo config # Exo now performs interactive configuration, stores config in the relevant place - $HOME/snap/exoscale-cli/common/ 
$ exo vm list # Or any other cloud operation using exo

The above request seemed like the obvious solution.

One point of note is that the non-snap exo program reads its configuration from “$HOME/.exoscale/” but I understand that this is not possible with snaps (I don’t think that snaps are allowed to access dotfiles in $HOME). Is that correct?
Using dotfiles in the regular place would avoid us having to add a codepath for the snap case, which would be nice.

My latest point about $HOME is actually solvable - and would be the best solution for us - by having an autoconnect personal-files plug. I’ll open another post for this.

In the mean time, review for this alias would be appreciated.

+1 for auto-alias for exoscale-cli snap for exo

@reviewers - can others vote on this?

+1 from me too for exoscale-cli snap to be granted auto-alias for exo

:+1: For granting the exo alias.

3 votes for, 0 against. Granting use of the exo alias. This is now live.